5 Most Powerful Dwarves in the Lord of the Rings (Ranked)

Tolkien’s works mention dwarves as a creation of the Valar Aule before the elves awoke. Many great dwarves have played a major role in Middle Earth history, from the Silmarillion to The Hobbit to The Lord of the Rings.

Gimli and Thorin are two of the best-known dwarves, but there are also a few others. During the First, Azaghal and Telchar are also the most powerful ones.

These are Middle Earth’s most influential dwarves:

Thorin II Oakenshield

Thorin II Oakenshield

The exiled king of Erebor was Thorin II, son of Thrain II and ruler of the kingdom beneath the Lonely Mountain. In the novel The Hobbit, he is one of Tolkien’s main characters.

Longbeard belongs to one of the seven Houses of Dwarves, the Longbeard Clan. The fact that he is a direct descendant of Durin the Deathless or During the First makes him one of the eldest members of the lineage. A descendant of Thorin’s is also noteworthy; he was succeeded by his cousin Dain II Ironfoot, who became king of Erebor after Thorin’s death.

Unfortunately, Thorin was not king for very long. At the time of the attack by the dragon Smaug, Thror’s grandfather was king of Erebor. Thrain II disappeared in Dol Guldur in Mirkwood after Thorin became the leader of his people. Erebor would be returned to him by his father.

Bilbo Baggins and the Bard of Dale were instrumental in Thorin’s quest. As a result of their combined efforts, Erebor was retaken from Smaug. Nevertheless, his love for gold and his lust for power caused him to succumb to intense greed. At the Battle of the Five Armies, he died alongside his nephews, Fili and Kili, when his arm snapped.

Five victories were not won directly by him, so he ranks fifth on this list. Before becoming King of Erebor, his army was not as powerful as it was once he became the king of Erebor. Among the important events of the story are the killing of Azog by Dain II and the defeat of Smaug by Bard.



Telchar is not a king or lord, as most of these dwarves are. Zirak is Telchar’s master and his apprentice. There isn’t much written about Telchar except that he is the most famous smith in history. Telchar is a first-age Dwarf and the oldest. Unlike Celebrimbor and Feanor, he has a high level of skill. Telchar later forged Isildur’s sword Narsil. Anduril was the name given to the sword by Aragorn, Isildur’s heir.

In addition to crafting Angrist, Telchar created Beren’s blade, which he used to steal one of Morgoth’s Silmarils. Upon attempting to steal another Silmaril, the knife broke. Injuring and awakening Morgoth, Beren shattered it.

A dragon-helm he made can be found on Turin Turambar and Azaghal, the Dwarf King of the Blue Mountains.

His accomplishments put him fourth on the list. Despite the lack of an army and no kingship, his creations would significantly impact Middle-Earth’s history.



It is Azaghâl who has been placed among the most powerful warlords of Middle Earth. The dragon-helm of Dor-lomin, which he wore as a native of the First Age, was passed on to Maedhros before Turin Turambar obtained it. He represented the dwarven lineage in the Blue Mountains as King of Belegost.

Angband was taken back by Azaghâl’s retaliation force. Morgoth would have destroyed Beleriand if he hadn’t led. The battle with Glaurung ended with Azaghâl’s death, causing Glaurung to be wounded seriously and for Morgoth and his army to flee.

Due to his strong army and the fact that he severely wounded the great dragon during the conflict, he ranks third on this list.

Durin the Deathless

Durin the Deathless

The first mage to be created by the Vala, Aule, was Durin the First, AKA Durin the Deathless. Due to a conflict between Iluvatar’s plans for Elves and Men, Aule had to put the Dwarves to sleep. In the northernmost part of the Misty Mountains, during slept beneath Mount Gundabad.

Awoke during the First Age, he descended into the Misty Mountains in the south. The first Dwarf kingdom was started when he reached Lake Mirrormere. Initially, Khazad-dum referred to the region as Moria.

Having forged Khazad-Dum and Erebor, Durin is looked upon as the greatest dwarven of all time. The axe and helmet belonged to Durin, and both became heirlooms in Moria. Because he lived longer than any other dwarf, he is called Durin the Deathless.

Durin will return six more times, it is said. The reincarnations will all originate from Durin’s Folk, his lineage. Some of the most famous Kings of Middle Earth descend from this line.



In Middle-Earth’s history, he leads only two other Dwarves in power. Yet there was one dwarf who achieved even more than he did with his legacy.

Atop the dwarf hierarchy is Gimli, son of Gloin. As a member of Thorin II Oakenshield’s company that reclaimed Erebor from Smaug, his father is already extremely well known. Gimli, however, has also accomplished much more.

As a member of the Fellowship Ship of the Ring, Gimli was the one and only dwarven member. Gimli engaged in multiple major battles and fought against thousands of orcs during the Ring War. Then he fought to protect Gondor in the Siege of Minas Tirith, assisting Aragorn against the Paths of the Dead.

In addition to his achievements, Gimli participated in the last major siege during the War of the Ring, the Battle of the Black Gate.

It wasn’t Gimli’s only achievement. A kingdom was established in the Glittering Caves beneath Helm’s Deep after Gimli and Legolas ventured there during the War of the Ring. The Glittering Caves were called Gimli’s place of worship after that.

His friendship with Legolas and Galadriel was perhaps Gimli’s greatest and most lasting achievement. Elves and dwarves have been enemies for centuries due to ancient strife. As the two races grew closer, thanks to Gimli’s friendship with Legolas, years of conflict between the two races were mended, and Gimli became known as the elves ‘elf friend.’

The only dwarf to visit Valinor was Gimli, the first dwarf to travel there after Aragorn died in the Fourth Age. As a result of his great deeds and other outstanding traits, Gimli is arguably the most notable, notable, and important dwarf.

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