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Muhammad Irfan, better known as Irfan’s View, is a popular vlogger, gamer, and content creator from Chennai. His videos cover several types of content. He also travels to many other countries. His cousins come from many different backgrounds. We usually see him exploring food, learning about industries, etc.

Who is Irfan’s View?

As of 2022, he will be 28 years old. He was born in Chennai on June 14, 1993. Mr. Irfan studied in Chennai until he finished his primary education. However, he went to the United States through an organization for his secondary education. After visiting the U.S., they sponsored him to study there. He completed his education at New Pavilion College in Chennai.

Irfan's View
Irfan’s View
Name: Irfan
Full Name: Mohammed Irfan
Nick Name / Popularly Known As: Irfan’s View
Famous For: Youtube Vlogs
Gender: Male
Age: 28 (As of 2022)
Date Of Birth: June 14, 1993
School: Studied in the U.S.
College / University: New Pavillion college
Profession: Content creator
Native: Soolur pettai, Chennai
Currently living in: Chennai
Nationality: Indian
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Religion: Muslim
Language: Tamil, English
Net Worth: 50 Million + Indian rupees
Source Youtube, Sponsorship & Brand Integration

Irfan’s Family  

Irfan’s family background is essential to know while moving. Almost everyone wants to find out who Irfan’s father is. But Irfan hasn’t revealed much about him. Let’s find out about his father. He was an auto mechanic. Since Irfan’s family was lower-middle-class, they faced many difficulties in their early years. In his own words, poverty helped him to become a successful man. Now we would talk about his mother. Regina is his mother’s name. She supported him most of all. She is the reason for his success.

irfansview family
irfans view family
Father: Not known
Mother: Regina
Siblings: One sister
Sister’s name: Asifa
Relationship Status: Engaged ( marriage in March 2022)
Ex-Girl Friend : Shakila Banu


Irfan has a sister younger than him. Asifa is her name. It was in 2018 when she got married. Her daughters are Afrah and Ajrah. Of the two, Afrah is very popular. She has appeared in many of Irfan’s videos, and now she has also launched a YouTube channel. She uploads videos there frequently. Her childlike personality has made her famous.

Irfan Views Relationship

Irfan has not yet married. In August 2021, he was engaged. His fiancée is Shakila Banu. However, he later canceled their wedding plans. They weren’t in sync with one another. Their marriage ended as a result.


Chennai is where Irfan completed his primary education. His secondary schooling was done in the United States through some organization. Afterward, he returned to his homeland for higher education. At the New Pavillion College in Chennai, he earned a B.Com degree.

Muhammad Irfan to Irfan’s View Transformation

He worked as a BPO for several years after graduating. After that, he launched his youtube channel in 2016. The daily vlogs of Casey Neistat inspired him, he once said. From him, he took inspiration and started creating daily vlogs. Later in 2018, he gave up his job to pursue youtube full-time. He regularly posts videos on YouTube. His main objective is to upload one video per day. In the beginning, he did movie reviews on YouTube. Only later he realize the movie review field is very competitive. That’s when he started making videos about restaurants and food. See also Sriman Kotaru ( Motovlogger).

Irfan’s View YouTube Channel Terminated 

YouTube terminated Irfan’s channel on March 29, 2022, for violating some of its policies. It broke Irfan’s heart.

Irfan’s View Net Worth

It is predicted that Irfan’s View YouTube salary will be higher than expected. Irfan’s net worth is thought to be around five crores. Irfan earned his income from his passion because his family came from a lower-middle-class family. Irfan’s monthly income is up to twenty lakhs from his Youtube monetization, promotional videos, and brand sponsorships. He often provides food reviews and reviews of hotels to promote them.

irfansview gold play button
irfansview gold play button

IrfanView Social Media: 

  • Irfan’s View on Instagram: He is very active on Instagram. His Instagram id is IrfanView
  • Irfan’s View Youtube: He uploads a video per day. You can check the links below of his all social media accounts.
    Youtube: Irfan’s view (2.87 Million + subscribers)
    Irfan’s view shorts (96.6 k+ subscribers)
    Instagram: IrfansView (555k followers)
    Snapchat: Irfan’s view
    Facebook: Irfan’s view

Car Collection

 In 2012, he bought two cars. In March, he purchased a BMW M3. Soon after, he bought the Range Rover Evoque. The two vehicles were purchased at the same used car showroom. Compared to the Evoque, the orange BMW M3 draws much more public attention.

irfansview bumble bee

Why did Irfan’s View Sell his BMW car?

He had an orange BMW M3. He got a lot of attention for it. People began chasing him while he was traveling for a photograph as soon as he started traveling. Consequently, he sold that car and later acquired a red color Range Rover Evoque as a replacement. 

List of Interesting Facts about Irfan’s View: 

  • On his YouTube channel, Irfan uploads a video every day; on 3In March 2022, he will be getting married.2022.
  • He also gives away a prize every month.
  • He decided to give away his BMW at the end of 2022. The condition is that he gets 10 million subscribers on YouTube
  • Mohammad Irfan is in a relationship with Sakila Banu on August 19, 2021. However, his marriage ended because they weren’t in sync.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Irfan’s View Wife?
  • Mohammad Irfan is involved with Sakila Banu. The couple plans to marry in 2022. He has not disclosed much about her. Irfan’s view on marriage will be provided as soon as possible.
  • How much is Irfan View’s net worth?
  • There are more than five crore rupees in Irfan’s net worth.
  • What happened to Irfan’s View channel?
  • Fans were shocked to learn that Irfan’s YouTube channel had been terminated. On Tuesday, Irfan posted an Instagram story informing his fans about the sudden change. “Suddenly, I received an email that my YouTube channel had been disabled,” Irfan explained. According to the email, YouTube rules had been violated.
  • What is Irfan’s view of age?
  • He is 27 years old. 
  • What is Irfan’s contact number?
  • Irfan’s view phone number is 7339059642

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