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Doctor Mathew Lee Carrikeris, often referred to by the name of Matt Carriker, was born in Boerne, Texas, the USA, on the 23rd of October, 1986. He is 34 years old at the time in 2021). Matt was a well-known YouTuber. Matt has a net subscriber number in the 17-million range (As of the year 2021). Matt Carriker was also famous with the name “Demo Ranch.”


Lee Carriker is the name of his father and Patricia Carriker is his mother. The father’s profession is Veterinarian, while her mother only takes care of his home.

Matt Carrier Bio/Wiki

Name: Matt Carriker
Full Name: Mathew Lee Carriker
Nickname: Matt, Demo Ranch, and So on
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: October 23, 1986
Profession: YouTuber And A Veterinarian
Native: Boerne, Texas
Currently Living In: San Antonio, Texas
Nationality: American
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Language: English
Net worth: 1.5 Million U.S Dollars
Religion: Catholic


There are three brothers and sisters. Matt’s brothers are Mark William Carriker, Drew Carriker, and Ali Thames. His sister Ali Thames followed his father’s profession and chose to be a vet. Unfortunately, Matt Carriker’s sister Mark William Carriker passed away from cancer in 2020.

Father: Lee Carriker
Mother: Patricia
Siblings: Three
Brother’s; Andrew, Mark
Sister: Ali
Relationship Status; Married
Wife: Meredith Atkinson
Children; Three
Son’s; Abby Carriker
Daughter: Anne Carriker, Adalyn Carriker

Matt Carriker Wife

Matt Carriker married Meredith Carriker in 2008. Matt proposed to Meredith Carriker back in 2007. They were, and after which, they were married in 2008. Matt Carriker and Mere Carriker were blessed with three children. He has one son named Abby Carriker and two daughters, Annie Carriker and Adalyn Carriker.

About Matt Carriker

Matt Carriker now lives in the San Antonio area in Texas. Matt Carriker Height is 6′ ft, 1.83 m,183 cm. In 2008, he completed his education. Further, in 2002, he also got his veterinary license. Matt went to Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. After his graduation, he preferred to pursue his vet profession. 

Height: 6 ft & 9 inch
183 cm
Weight: 81 Kg
178 lbs
Eyes Color: Brown
Hairs Color: Brown
School: Local High School
College/University: Texas A&M University
Qualification: Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

Matt’s YouTube Journey

Matt Carriker has 3 youtube channels, including Vet Ranch, his Vlog channel OffTheRanch and DemolitionRanch. Matt Carriker has 17 million viewers on his three channels. He launched his Youtube channel back in the year 2007. The first video he uploaded was in OffTheRanch. He embarked on his new track the year of 2011, which is known as DemolitionRanch. Offtheranch features his day-to-day video-based activities, while DemolitionRanch includes more military-related content and weapons. Its Channel DemolitionRanch gave him the name of Matt the demo ranch Carriker.

OffTheRanch: 4.1 Million+ Subscribers
Starting on April 16, 2007,
Received over 777 Million Views
DemolitionRanch: 10.1 Million+ Subscribers
started on January 3, 2011
Received over one Billion views
VetRanch: 2.92 Million+ Subscribers
Starting on January 28, 2014
Received over 400 Million views
Instagram: @drdemolitionmatt 

Documentaries and Movies

Matt Carriker also acted in certain films. He was in his first film, which was released in 2017, called Strain 100 in 2020. Nonetheless, he is also a part of a couple of television shows and documentary films. He appeared in a TV documentary series named Somebody got to do it in 2015.

Matt Cariker’s Net Worth

Matt has a home in the San Antonio area in Texas. Alongside YouTube, he works in the Fairoaks Ranch Veterinary Clinic as a veterinarian. His three Youtube channels bring him more than his job as a veterinarian. Matt Carriker’s net worth is around five million dollars. Moreover, it is also believed that he will earn 1.8 million dollars per year. Matt Carriker bought a house in the hidden hills. The home value is about 19 million bucks.

Interesting Facts about Matt Carriker

  • Matt Carriker invests the money he earns from YouTube on caring for and treating animals at his animal clinic.
  • Matt Carriker got both gold and silver play buttons on three of his channels.
  • YouTube was demonetized in the past. Demolition Ranch channel. Due to the violent and dangerous videos on Demolition Ranch.
  • Matt Carriker is now taking care of the clinic his dad ran.
  • Sometimes, he calls himself “king of Demolition.
  • He was given the nickname that he was given of “DemolitionRanch” by his fans. His Father, Lee Carriker, was educated at Texas A&M University as a veterinarian.

OffTheRanch Mansion

In 2019, Matt purchased the Abandoned Mansion, Texas Castle for 855k American dollars. The mansion covers a vast 30 acres area. Matt now stays in his Texas castle mansion. He recently bought an apartment at 19.6 million dollars, located in Hidden Hills, California. Soon, he’ll move to the new house with his family members from Texas Castle.


The moment Matt Carriker began his journey, he was an ordinary person, just like the rest of us. But his determination and hard work led him to become one of the top YouTube stars, with a huge fan base.

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