13 Dwarves & Thorin’s Company from The Hobbit (History & Overview)

The Hobbit is about a group of dwarfs, a wizard, and the titular hobbit, rather than characters of different races as in The Lord of the Rings. A dragon named Smaug, and his henchmen, set out to retake the kingdom Thorin Oakenshield lost to the evil Smaug. What are Thorin’s company and the 13 dwarves?

Thorin, Fili, Kili, Balin, Gloin, Oin, Bifur, Bofur, Ori, Nori, Dori, Bombard, and Dwalin are the thirteen dwarves from The Hobbit. The company of Thorin is composed of 13 Dwarves and Gandalf.

There are so many dwarves in Thorin’s group that it is easy to become confused and forget who is who. An overview of Thorin’s company can be found here:

Thorin Oakenshield

Thorin Oakenshield

Thorin, the son of King Thrain II, is deemed one of the most powerful dwarves in history. the dragon Smaug decimated their home and ransacked Erebor, he led the exile out of the region.

His participation in the great Battle of Azanulbizar fought during the wars between the Dwarves and Orcs, took place many years after fleeing Euribor. A fallen oak branch replaced his shield after it shattered in the battle. It was for this reason he acquired the nickname “Oakenshield,” which stuck regardless of his death.

Thorin’s father met a tragic end in Dol Guldur when he was captured by the necromancer and killed. Gandalf was given a map and key by Thrain before he passed on to Thorin. Thorin decided to reclaim Erebor with the help of his father’s last gift, which he had taken from Durin.

With the help of Bard, Thorin reclaimed Erebor and defeated Smaug. The battle of Erebor ensues when the five armies battle after reclaiming Erebor. Thorin, along with Fili and Kili, perishes during the battle.

Fíli and Kíli

Fíli and Kíli

The Lonely Mountain is the goal of Thorin’s nephews, Fili and Kili. They are sons of Thorin’s sister, Dis, and by their lineage, are heirs to the throne. Compared to other dwarves, who may not get individual scenes, both brothers get more time to shine.

Frequently, Fili and Kili are sent out as scouts because they are among the youngest in the company. As well as Bilbo Baggins, they discover the entrance to the Lonely Mountain through the Front Porch. As both of them try to defend their uncle in battle, they, unfortunately, die in the Battle of the Five Armies.



Balin, a noble dwarf of the line of Durin, has distant relatives including Fili, Kili, and Thorin Oakenshield.shield. Its brother, Dwalin, is in the company as well. He is the oldest member of the company and he also served as an advisor to the deposed king.

His quest to find the final magic rings bestowed on the dwarves would later lead him to the Mines of Moria after the events of The Hobbit. The orcs slew him soon after he became the Lord of Moria, ending his reign. Fellowship of the Ring members found his tomb later.

Also, a member of the Fellowship is the dwarven Gimli, Balin’s cousin.



A stout fighter in Thorin’s company, Dwalin, was Balin’s younger brother. Among Thorin’s company, Dwalin was one of the toughest fighters and Balin’s younger brother. Bilbo’s house at Bag End is also where the first dwarf comes to visit him.



Oin is the elder brother of Balin Gloin and Dwalin’s cousin. At the beginning of their adventure, he bet that Bilbo Baggins would join Thorin’s company, making him one of the few dwarves to have such faith. Lighting the campfire for Gloin’s company was often his duty.. Several years later, Balin enlisted him in his attempt to recapture Moria. However, the Water in the Water would eventually kill him.



On Thorin Oakenshield’s trip to the Lonely Mountain, Gloin set the fire with his brother Oin. Gandalf the Grey was with Thorin at the time, and he had no faith in hobbits to join them in trying to capture Erebor.

Despite the battle of the Five Armies, Gloin survived and subsequently served king Dain II Ironfoot Under the Mountain. Gloin traveled to Rivendell with other dwarves and took part in the Council of Elrond during the episode of The Lord of the Rings of the God. The Fellowship of the Ring’s son, Gimli, would later join him. The 15th year of the Fourth Age found him at the age of 253.

Dori the habit


In the group’s journey to Erebor, Dori would often be in the front line of battle alongside Nori and Ori. Dori is often considered Thorin’s most powerful companion. At the end of the War of the Ring, he survived the Battle of the Five Armies and the Battle of Dale. There is no mention of when he died.

Nori the habit

Nori the habitat

While Dori stood out as a member of Thorin’s crew, Nori did not make an impression. After they ran into goblins and wargs in Goblin-town, he noted Bilbo’s absence for the first time. The five armies battle was another battle in which Nori survived.

According to Gloin, Nori lived a prosperous life in Erebor during the Council of Elrond. While it is unclear whether he survived the Battle of Dale, it is widely assumed he fought in that battle during the War of the Ring.

Ori habit


Ori is a distant relative of Thorin Oakenshield, a distant cousin of Dori and Nori. However, during the journey to retake the Lonely Mountain, he does not make a significant contribution.

However, he does participate in the battle of the Five Armies and survives.

Balin takes him to Moria later. Before being killed by the orcs and goblins invading their kingdom, Ori recorded the last known events of Balin’s life in the Book of Mazarbul. Ori’s skeletal arms still clutched the book, which Gandalf and company later found.

Bifur and Bofur

Bifur and Bofur

In Moria, they had cousins named Bifur and Bofur. Thorin’s company consists of a number of dwarves who are not of Durin’s folk and whose origins are never uncovered in his stories. The Ring of Power does not mention whether they passed away in the War of the Ring or lived to notice the Fourth Age.


Also similar to Bifur and Bofur, Bombur is not of Durin’s folklore, although he eventually joined Thorin and the others in exile at the Lonely Mountain. Several other dwarves in the group noticed that he was fat and slept the majority of the journey to Erebor. He became so obese that it now required some dwarves to lift him onto the dining room table from his couch during the events of The Lord of the Rings. His involvement in the War of the Ring is unknown.

Gandalf the Grey

As one of Thorin’s five wizards, Gandalf is a member of the company of the heroes. Among the White Council, a group of leaders dedicated to stopping Sauron, he plays an important role as a counselor to Thorin and a member of the White Council. Thorin’s power to take back Erebor was due to him.

As Bilbo Baggins’s recruiter, Gandalf visits Bag End with the dwarves. Sauron’s spirit, then known as the Necromancer, follows him after he leaves. From the beginning of the quest until the end, Gandalf stays with Thorin’s company.

Bilbo Baggins

A wealthy hobbit lives in Bag End as Bilbo, the main character in The Hobbit. As the son of Bungo Baggins and Belladonna Took, he has the middle name of Took. Gandalf chose Bilbo based on Bilbo’s boldness and desire to venture out.

The Hobbit ends with Bilbo returning home to live there until his 111th birthday. Frodo (whom he refers to often as his nephew) receives the One Ring for his cousin. Then he leaves for Rivendell, where he is looked after by Elrond for some time. Bilbo and Frodo depart for the Undying Lands after the War of the Ring.

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