Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Symbol Explained: Triangle Meaning

Harry Potter’s saga is centered around the concept that the Deathly Hallows Symbol owner can control Death with unspeakable power. The game has three legendary items: the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Cloak of Invisibility.

As you watched the films, you saw the symbol and wondered what it meant. We’ll examine it further.

Deathly Hallows Symbol Meaning

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Symbol represents a triangle with an inverted ring in its center and a vertical line connecting the two points. From the outside, it appears as an abstract eye, but its parts are each of the Hallows of power: the Cloak of Invisibility (the triangle), the Resurrection Stone (the ring), and the Elder Wand (the vertical line).

Triangle Meaning – Cloak of Invisibility Hallow

Triangle Meaning – Cloak of Invisibility Hallow

The first part of the triangle is also known as the Cloak of Invisibility. These common cloaks fade with age and can be destroyed, which is why they are not necessarily rare in the wizarding world.

It remained flawless through the ages but was indestructible and completely concealed by whoever wore it. Harry acquired it as a Potter-Peverell heirloom

Circle Meaning – Resurrection Stone Hollow

‘The Resurrection Stone is the second of the Hallows as this can revive the dead; it is unique among all other beings. It might not function as expected, but no other creature can do it. Like the invisibility cloak, the resurrection stone was ring bound and passed down from generation to generation until it was in the hands of the Gaunt family.

Tom Ridley, who does not understand the significance or power of the stone, brutally murders the Gaunt family by using the resurrection stone. Tom commits one of his first violent acts in his pursuit of power and transformation into Voldemort.

Vertical Line Meaning – Elder Wand Hallow

Vertical Line Meaning – Elder Wand Hallow

Elder Wand is the last and most powerful deathly hallows sign. It will make whoever owns it win every battle they enter. The Elder Wand has a dark past, thus making it the most mysterious of the three Hallows.

There has been bloodshed and betrayal in the past. This is evident by the name ‘Deathstick,’ the name of one of its ruthless owners, Loxias. There are many bloody events in its history. To illustrate this, a murderer who owned the stick – Loxias – aptly named it ‘Deathstick.’

It is rarely benevolent to chase power (and it is never final). It’s no surprise that Voldemort possesses the Deathstick in the Harry Potter series.

Also, Draco Malfoy once possessed the Wand briefly. Look at the origin of the deathly hallows symbol to better understand each Hallow’s history.

Deathly Hallows Symbol Origin

Deathly Hallows Symbol Origin

A story called “The Tale of the Three Brothers” inspired the Deathly Hallows. Peverell brothers Ignotus, Antioch, and Cadmus are rumored to be the three brothers. 

“Who are the Peverells?” asked Ron.

Hermione watched Xenophilius still as she read the name on the gravestone. “Ignotus Peverell.”

 Indeed!” said Xenophilius, his forefinger raised pedantically. Ignotus’ grave is conclusively marked with the Death Hallows!

The hallows are exactly what the three need, despite his notorious inability to separate fact from fiction.

Hermoine agrees with him and asks me to read the Hollows to them in The Tale of the Three Brothers.

The Story of the Deathly Hallows

These three men were passing by a dangerous river while walking along a dark path together. They cast a spell to build a bridge to enable safe passage across the river since all three men were wizards.

Dark cloaked figures block their way as they try to pass. They discover that it’s Death. In contrast to their everyday actions, these three did not drown in the treacherous waters.

The men are clever enough to trick Death, so Death offers them gifts for their trickery. From this children’s tale, we get to know how the Deathly Hallows were made. 

Antioch, Antioch’s eldest brother, requests a powerful wand. From an Elder tree nearby, Death creates the Elder Wand.

Cadmus, the second brother, asks to be able to restore life to people. A pebble picked up from the riverbank is transformed into the resurrection stone by Death.

Although he is the youngest brother, Ignotus is suspicious of Death and asks for means of walking away without Death following him. A piece of Death’s cloak is cut off, and he creates the cloak of invisibility. After each of the brothers dies, the invisibility cloak is passed on to the son of the last brother, Ignotus.

He receives his cloak through a direct lineage from Ignotus, who was a distant relative of Harry.

The sordid past of the darkest of the three hallows – the Elder Wand – deserves closer examination now that we know its origins.

The Elder Wand History

As with the wizards and warlocks who pursued it throughout time, the Elder Wand’s history is dark and nefarious. Once Antioch returns to town, he immediately searches for a fellow wizard with whom he had a grievance, and the darkness grows almost instantly. In the duel he challenges him to, he easily beats him.

After his victory, Antioch goes to the local tavern to celebrate his victory and gets drunk, boasting about his newfound power.

The same night, Antioch was slashed to death by a thief. In a drunken slumber, he acquired the Elder Wand (Death seems not so easy to defeat after all)., While the thief’s name cannot be identified, the long (and bloody) exchange of the Elder Wand sets in motion.

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