10 Facts & 5 FAQs About Viggo Mortensen, Aragorn Actor from Lord of the Rings

Viggo Mortensen is the only one who can play Aragorn. The relatively unknown Viggo Mortensen would go on to perfectly portray the ranger from the North in The Lord of the Rings. Aragorn, heir of Gondor, and Strider share the same gritty warrior mentality condensed into a single person. Aragorn actor is as versatile as he is in terms of skills and experience.

Here are Viggo Mortensen Lord of the Rings Facts: 

1. He’s an Artist, Poet, and Musician

Viggo is also a musician, poet, photographer, and artist. In A Perfect Murder (1998), he painted all the works of art he created for the individual.

Viggo Mortensen, Aragorn, has been writing poetry since he was a young boy. Despite being famous for The Lord of the Rings more than a decade before, in 1993, he published his first book. An interpretation of Viggo’s poetry has been created by collaborating with musicians.

The song that Aragorn sang at his coronation was composed and sung by Viggo in Return of the King.

2. Viggo is a Passionate Sports Fan

Aragorn, Viggo Mortensen, was wearing a Montreal Canadiens jersey underneath his Aragorn dress. He is a big fan of the Mets and the Argentine soccer team, San Lorenzo, because of his early life in South America.

At the 1980 Olympic Games, he translated for Sweden’s hockey team. Interestingly, Viggo says it allowed him to attend many hockey games with drunk Finns and Swedes.

3. Sir Viggo Mortensen

Lord of the Rings Aragorn actor played the King of Gondor in the movie. King Christian VI of Denmark awarded Viggo the title Ridder of Dannebrog (Knight of the Danish Banner) in 2010.

4. Viggo Mortensen Languages

Besides speaking fluent English, Viggo also speaks Danish, Spanish, French and Danish. He speaks Catalan, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, and Arabic. As a member of Omnium Cultural, an organization dedicated to preserving Catalan culture and language, he is familiar with the original language.

Viggo allegedly asked whether Aragorn could speak more Elvish in the films, fitting for a lover of languages like Tolkien.

5. He Got Injured Many Times Playing Aragorn

In precise, Viggo becomes significantly stricken by filming The Lord of the Rings. He suffered the subsequent injuries:

He chipped his tooth during the Battle of Helm’s Deep. Peter Jackson had sent Viggo to the dentist when he wanted to finish the scene. He was taking a kick to the head resulting in Aragorn breaking toes. All three characters – Orlando Bloom, who had broken ribs from a fall off a horse, and Rhys-Davies’ stunt double, which a horse behind him injured – were all injured while shooting the long-distance running scenes.

When Aragorn is unconscious in a river, he almost drowns. His costume dragged him underwater.

Viggo’s good side had to be filmed during the Mines of Moria scene because he had been badly bruised. While filming that scene, Viggo had fallen while surfing while he was on holiday.

6. His Son Tries to Kill Him in Return of the King

In The Lord of the Rings, Henry Metensen Lotr, son of Viggo, made two cameo appearances. In the Battle of Pelennor Fields, he was the first Orc to attack Aragorn and one of the reluctant boy soldiers at Helm’s Deep.

7. He Suggested One of Aragorn’s Most Moving Gestures

It is a deeply moving moment when Boromir dies in The Fellowship of the Ring. He is later seen wearing his fallen comrade’s armored sleeves and is promised that he will protect Gondor’s people.

In the DVD commentary, Sean Bean revealed that Viggo’s plan for Boromir  was his idea. In honor of that person, who played Boromir in The Lord of Rings, on the one hand and his promise on the other, Aragorn actor wears the armored sleeves for the remainder of the film (even when he dies) in the flash-forward.

8. New Zealand Police Almost Arrested Him

A public member noticed a man walking down the street with a sword. They called the Wellington police. Viggo talked about imaginary fights in his head after leaving a stunt rehearsal. Later, the actor told Wired: “I think the army was a little concerned by me waving the sword around and thrusting away from invisible orcs and Uruk-hai.”

9. Viggo, Like Aragorn, is a Horse Whisperer

Before filming The Lord of the Rings, Viggo, who played Aragon character, was already an experienced horseman. Aragorn even had more riding time in the script, thanks to him doing most of the stunts himself.

The horse he rode for filming bonded with him; although rumor has it, he did not sleep with them. Aragorn’s kingly steed Brego was one of the horses he purchased after filming ended. Viggo, the horse of Arwen, also carried Liv Tyler’s riding double. 

10. His Lord of the Rings Co-Stars Loved Working with Him

Aragon in The Lord of the Rings may appear foul and feel fair in Sam Gamgee’s words, but Viggo had a great time working with the character.

“As mad as a fish,” Billy Boyd (Pippin) allegedly described him. Frodo describes Viggo as brilliant and insane (Elijah Wood). “Finding Viggo is easy,” Miranda Otto (Éowyn) told Viggo upon meeting him.

The following are a few of Viggo’s best stories: 

He thoroughly enjoyed watching Aragorn throw an apple at Pippen’s head during 16 takes.

Off digital camera, they wore more and more problematic paper crowns in the “My friends, you bow to no one” scene. They could not prevent guffawing while playing the hobbits.

He was filming a dawn scene while the whole unit slept out overnight. Other units joined them because of his persuasiveness.

Off-camera, she acted like a marriage guest at Sam and Rosie’s wedding, giving Billy Boyd a huge smooch while he caught the bouquet.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Nationality is Viggo?

Having a Danish father and an American mother, Viggo is a twin citizen of the U.S. And Denmark. Growing up, he lived in South America after he moved from New York. In his twenties, he lived for numerous years returned in America before returning to Denmark.

What was Viggo’s First Movie?

In Witness (1985), Viggo was a farmer in the Amish community. Before that, he was only cut from the films The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985) and Swing Shift (1984).

How Did Viggo Get the Role of Aragorn?

The last-minute addition to The Lord of the Rings was Viggo. In the beginning, Peter Jackson cast Stuart Townsend as Aragorn; four days into filming, he realized there needed to be an older actor. So, Staurt Townsend who supposed to play Aragon in Lord of the Rings replaced by Viggo. Electrifyingly, Viggo Mortensen was chosen as the actor.

Viggo was initially hesitant to take the role. You’d have to move to New Zealand for more than a year. Henry, then eleven, convinced him to accept the role as he was a fan of the books.

The first scene Viggo acted in was when he was fighting nine riders at Weathertop. Peter Jackson called him ‘Aragorn’ off-camera without acknowledging him for 14 months following the film’s release.

Did Viggo Do His Stunts in The Lord of the Rings?

In addition to dodging a steel knife, Viggo performed most of his stunts. Viggo has become a professional in sword combating despite missing the movie’s sword schooling. The Lord of the Rings forged changed into skilled by using stunt double Bob Anderson, a famous Hollywood swordmaster. I’ve skilled extra swordsmen than Viggo; however, he beats him whenever.

The Lord of the Rings stunt doubles is said to have been “killed” 50 or more times in Viggo’s scenes with real steel swords.

Which of The Lord of the Rings Films is Viggo’s Favorite?

In a 2014 interview, Viggo said it had fewer special effects than The Fellowship of the Ring.

It has a rougher feel in the first movie with natural landscapes, and the actors act with each other,” he was quoted in The Telegraph as saying.

As a union and a team, The Fellowship of the Ring has no “star,” and Viggo considers filmmaking a “team sport.”

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