Isildur to be the Main Character in The Lord of the Rings Amazon TV Series

The new Lord of the Rings series on Amazon has attracted your attention if you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings.

According to reports, the upcoming series will take location earlier than “Fellowship of the Ring” and might introduce characters who have not been featured in preceding adaptations.

It has been announced that the show will take place in 2017, but bits and pieces of information have been available for die-hard fans to piece together.

One of the principal characters in the new series of the Lord of the Rings may be none other than Isildur, according to the Lord of the Rings fanatics’ Youtube channel Fellowship of Fans.

As early as the third episode, Isildur is expected to debut in Lotr; Isildur most likely comes to mind as the person who cuts Sauron’s ring from his finger in the prologue of the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Film.

The most notable instance of Isildur in Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring was when he removed the One Ring from Sauron’s finger during the prologue.

Isildur’s appearance in the show indicative of the show’s nature as a whole? A strong possibility (at least partly) that Isildur will be involved in the tale is set in the late Second Age.

It is estimated that Isildur died in TA2 (2 years after turning 3). As a point of reference, The Hobbit occurs in 2941 of the Third Age.

Isildur will be one of the main characters, regardless of whether we know whether the show follows one timeline or multiple ones.

Amazon’s Casting Call Evidence & Leaks by Cast

Instead of naming characters during the casting call, Amazon used code names. An example was ”Cole.” He is described as follows:

Male Caucasian, young (18-22 years old), Series Regular. An 18-year-old male athlete in his early 20s. As a result, he must sense a vintage soul as he puts the arena’s burden on his shoulders. Chaotic yet troubled. A special function.”

A young Isildur would fit this description very well. Amazon already confirms that this young Isildur would still be living in Numenor, a civilization of men and a world off the western coast of Middle Earth that will be featured in the series.

A crew member wore a hat with elvish text, which translates to ”The Faithful,”, as Nazanin Boniadi shared on her timeline.

What Does Isildur’s Inclusion Mean for Other Possible Events in the Series?

We can guess the Middle-Earth timeline and, therefore, other characters who are likely to appear in the show based on the involvement of Isildur. The life of Isildur was filled with prominent characters who played pivotal roles. Pharazon (the last King of Numenor), Miriel (Parson’s wife), Elendil (Isildur’s father), Anárion (brother), Gil-Galad (King of Lindon), and Sauron are some of the characters featured in this section.

We can also deduce the where from the what and who. As we can safely assume, Numenor (the realm of men) and Lindon (the kingdom of the elves) will play a large part in the series.

Isildur lived through many significant events in his lifetime, such as the fall of Numenor and the struggle between the Faithful and Kingsmen Numenóreans.

During the Second Age, after Sauron had corrupted King Numenor and led him to claim everlasting life in the Undying Lands in 3310, a split took place between the Faithful and The Kingsmen among the Numenóreans. There are strict rules about approaching the shorelines of Valinor set by the Valar.

The Valar requested that Numenor be destroyed for breaking these rules. Originally, the Faithful were a group of Nmenórean warriors who remained faithful to the Valar’s rules despite their kind call to invade Valinor. The Faithful fled to Middle Earth, where they founded the Kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor under the leadership of Elendil and Isildur, and Anárion.

Lord of the Rings fans have a lot to be excited about, and we can be certain that this series has chosen a period in the tale that is particularly rich in storylines, character development, and action. 

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