What Happened To Harry Potter’s Grandparents?

The mystery of harry potters grandparents remains despite all the backstory of his parents and the events that led to his story. When Harry Potter became an orphan, they were only in their mid-60s or early 70s.

What happened to his grandparents is the subject of many theories. Potter’s wizard grandparents (the Potters) died from the magical disease Dragon Pox, but nothing is mentioned about Potter’s muggle grandparents, the Evans, other than to say that they died of an ordinary disease.

Following the deaths of Harry’s mother, Lily, and father, James, we know that they will not be here to take care of Harry. As a result, Harry had the abusive Dursleys as his grandparents, which is safe to assume.

Are Harry’s Grandparents Wizards?

Potter’s (Euphemia and Fleamont Potter) involvement in the magic world is described. As a matter of fact, James’ parents are well-known wizards.

It was strange to Lily to have a Muggle mother and a Muggle father. Because they had no magical abilities, they could not play a significant role in the magical world of wizardry.

Who Were James Potter’s Parents?

fleamont and Euphemia potter was James Potter’s father, and Euphemia Potter was his mother. Due to the disease Dragon Pox, they didn’t get to meet their grandson, Harry.

Wizards and witches may catch the deadly disease known as Dragon Pox. As with Chicken Pox, it looks like it comes from muggles. The disease proved fatal to James’ parents since they were both relatively old and infected.

However, some believe they were not exposed to this disease by accident. James’ wizard parents were killed for refusing to become Death Eaters, according to some readers.

It might have led others to follow their example if they did not join the Death Eaters. It’s possible.

Euphemia Potter

Euphemia had a wealthy husband, Fleamont James surprised her when he entered her life. Sirius Black was her only child. As a well-established pure-blood, she looked after him like a second son.

Fleamont Potter

Fleamont Potter

Flamont is considered a “pure-blood” wizard and was wealthy. Harry and James both studied at Hogwarts. It was the Potters’ stand for justice that was indispensable during the war.

Who Were Lily Potter’s Parents?

It is known in the Harry Potter series that Lily’s parents, Evans, were dead before Harry was born. Therefore, Lily would have been in her sixties or seventies when Harry’s parents died, possibly in their sixties or seventies.

They were muggles who lived in Cokeworth, England, but we don’t know much more about them other than the fact that they were dead.

Evans’ demise has been the subject of many theories, but none have been confirmed by J.K. Rowling. Therefore, only old age or death by a natural cause can be ruled out in the muggle world.

Lily Potter

The mother of Harry Potter was Lily Potter or Lily Evans. Her sister began to gain custody of Harry Potter when she became Petunia Dursley, who became Petunia Evans. Even though Lily was a muggle-born witch, she flourished.

Her first child, Harry Potter, was born two years after she married James potter parents at 18 years old. She passed away trying to protect her son, and the rest of the story is lost in history.

Lily Potter

James Potter

Potter’s parents were Euphemia and Fleamont Potter, two well-established wizards. He was the son of Prongs, who was a pure-blood wizard.

The professors he met while studying at Hogwarts became important to Harry Potter’s life later on. Voldemort feared the prophecy’s predictions, which led to his death at the age of 21.

James Potter

Response of J.K Rowling to Harry Potter’s Grandparents

Harry’s grandparents have not been discussed much by J.K. Rowling. Neither the Evans nor the Potters have been mentioned much.

Her report confirms that they both died of Dragon Pox within days of one another. Her article does not elaborate on whether they were intentionally killed with the Dragon Pox or if it was an accident.

The Evans are not mentioned much. To summarize, she says muggles died in the same way. When you think of muggle death, you can imagine natural causes, accidents, or whatever you imagine.

As much as Harry Potter was alone in the world and had no one to help him early on, Rowling feels she did it out of a desire to ensure he was alone. Her story could not continue without Harry being alone.

Why Harry Potter’s Grandparents’ Deaths are Important

As a plot point and an environment that leads Harry Potter to the wizarding world, their deaths play an extremely important role in setting up the plot. He might have become a great wizard with the parents of his father, but it wouldn’t have been the same as the journey we see today.

A tragic event at the beginning of the book catches the readers’ attention. WE CAN THEREFORE DECIDE IF WE WANT TOS A RESULT, WE CAN DECIDE WHETHER TO invest in him and see what his outcome will be.

Seeing how the Dursleys treat him helps deepen the connection and enables We need to root for him when he’s free from them

 at Hogwarts. His parents’ high-caliber wizard grandparents would have taken better care of him if he had grown up in a loving home.

Harry Potter is an underdog to all of us, and from the very start, he fits the bill. In that way, He engages and connects with new readers who may want to follow him on his journey to prevailing.


However, sometimes it is best simply to tell someone that the grandparents died instead of trying to discover what happened to them. There is nothing more or less to say that Harry Potter did not have a family he could love and depend upon.

The explanation in your head may be more appropriate than what is in J.K. Rowling’s head. When you start questioning things, it means the story is good.

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