Why Wasn’t Peter Pettigrew in Slytherin House?

The fact that Peter Pettigrew (aka Scabbers or Wormtail) was a bad friend, wizard, or person is probably beyond dispute. His placement at Hogwarts is often regarded as showing him to be a member of Slytherin House.

Sirius Black, James Potter, and Remus Lupin were among the friends he made at the school during his years there. Hogwarts was put on edge by these four miscreants, referred to as the Marauders (one who plunders or pillages).

With this map, this group of four friends could reveal every inch of Hogwarts and its surroundings, as well as witches, wizards, and creatures, without being affected by jinxes.

Slytherin’s character traits are more prevalent in Peter Pettigrew than Gryffindor’s characteristics. Because of his sneakiness and trickery, he wasn’t afraid to betray his friends when it served his welfare.

The traits of Slytherin are ambition, cunning, resourcefulness, cleverness, and determination.

The lack of ambition and determination made Peter Pettigrew a Slytherin. As opposed to most Slytherins, he was not seeking power or authority. He was only concerned about surviving, so he grabbed hold of anyone who could assist him.

Reasons Why Peter Pettigrew Wasn’t in Slytherin House?

The Sorting Hat said so Neither Minerva McGonagall nor Peter were true Hatstalls, apart from Peter and Minerva. In the end, after a five-minute debate, Gryffindor was the Hat’s choice.

Students are sorted according to factors, including their preferred house and character traits. Witches and wizards are only eleven years old when sorted, so many believe the Hat can predict their future characteristics.

For The Hat to place Pettigrew in Gryffindor House, he must have seen something in him.

Wasn’t ambitious

Slytherins lack ambition, drive, or ambition, so Pettigrew does not have any of these traits. Taking advantage of others’ work without issue was a breeze for him.

The role of Voldemort’s servant and the obedience he provided were perhaps his most comfortable ones. A task was assigned to him, and instructions were provided.

Had moments of courage and bravery

Defying Voldemort’s rise to the power required courage for Albus Dumbledore to create the Order of the Phoenix. Though he joined merely to help his friends, he nevertheless did so. True Slytherins don’t join orders.

His life was dotted with moments of boldness and courage, just as joining the Order of the Phoenix. Voldemort was the only Death Eater to call him by name. After Harry reminded him that he had previously spared Pettigrew’s life, he tried to kill Harry but hesitated. He demonstrated goodness by this little hesitation before his death, proving that Pettigrew was not all bad.

I wanted to be a hero.

Those who belong to the Slytherin house lack valor but are rather power-hungry. Despite his wish to be a hero, Peter Pettigrew was unable to achieve the same achievements or live up to the heroic nature of his friends. Peter was less likely to enjoy picking on other students than James, Sirius, and Remus, especially Severus Snape.

As a result of wanting to be accepted, he went along with it. In fact, from the moment he arrived at Hogwarts, he wanted to be part of Gryffindor House because he admired brave people and wanted to be one too.

He was persistent

A Slytherin isn’t known for being persistent, and they sometimes give up when things get tough. There’s no doubt Pettigrew was determined to remain alive at all costs. In this sense, he was no Gryffindor lacking persistence.

In addition, he demonstrated his persistence by morphing into a rat to skip detection by the Death Eaters. Lord Voldemort was thought to have been defeated due to his actions.

During the 12 years that Pettigrew spent as Percy and Ron Weasley’s pet rats, they spent much time being tamed by them. Dedication is required for that.

It will be remembered historically.

Gryffindors are known for their courage, bravery, and achievements that will go down in history. Although people will not remember Peter for anything other than sparing Harry’s life, he will remain in our memory for his “good” deeds.

The Potters will always be remembered for the betrayer Peter was who turned them over to Voldemort. After that, 12 muggles were killed in an explosion caused by magic.

Sirius Black was sentenced to Azkaban for murdering Lily and James Potter. Although Gryffindors would certainly like to avoid going down in history that way, he will.

Made reckless decisions

Slytherins are known to make calculated decisions, while Gryffindors are notorious for making rash decisions. His life was filled with many poor, reckless decisions.

As James and Sirius, he became an Animagus with James and died in the process, making him a dangerous Animagus. As a result, they supported Remus, who had turned werewolf.

There was such a danger because werewolves were unpredictable, and Peter became a rat, the smallest, easiest prey for a werewolf.

The more logical he was, the more he would have realized the love and respect he was supposed to receive from his best friends (whom he betrayed). He might have become a great leader and hero had his life taken a better turn.

Willing to bend the rules

The rules weren’t bent; Peter Pettigrew broke them. Unlike some Gryffindors, Peter Pettigrew does the right thing at all times. Voldemort’s rebirth wasn’t something he deliberately set out to accomplish as a young wizard. He was deceived, murdered, and ultimately played a part in Voldemort’s fall.

Slytherins are different in this respect. A Slytherin is more open about the fact that they do not intend to comply with the rules unless it benefits them in the long run.

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