Why Did Gandalf Choose Bilbo in The Hobbit?

As the Hobbit tells, the story is about the dwarves’ quest to reclaim the realm of Erebor on behalf of Durin’s folks. Rather than a rash, loud dwarvish character, Gandalf felt the company needed a stealthy member (Thorin’s company). Of course, he chose a hobbit. Why did Gandalf choose Bilbo Baggins?

Due to his adventurous nature, Gandalf chooses Hobbit Bilbo Baggins. Unlike other hobbits, Bilbo had a great appetite for adventure and thrills, but that was exactly what Gandalf needed. The son of inquisitive Hobbit Belladonna Took, Bilbo Baggins comes from a line of inquisitive hobbits.

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Why is Bilbo Baggins a Son of a Took Mattered?

Bungo Baggins and Belladonna Took had a son named Bilbo Baggins. He was in good health in all the hobbit villages. Bag End became the finest home in the Shire thanks to him. Belladonna Took received this as a gift from her husband. There are ref=erences to Bilbo’s behavior and appearance in Tolkien’s works.

Gandalf pick bilbo and Gandalf because of his mother, who was the biggest attraction. Bilbo Baggins first encounters the Hobbit Gandalf in a flashback in the film adaptation of The Hobbit. The scene depicts Belladonna and Gandalf interacting during a celebration. It serves as evidence that Gandalf and Belladonna already knew one another despite its minor importance in the film.

It was not staged by the director. In the Tolkien estate’s publication of The Hobbit magazine after his death, this quote can be found in the appendices.

A wealth of adventure skills was one of the reasons Hobbits became popular in the Took family. According to the Lord of the Rings and other posthumous works, the Tooks were hunters rather than farmers. As far as the Elves were concerned, they were the most sociable of the hobbits. Belladonna Took and Bungo’s good nature gave Bilbo Baggins a sense of adventure.

Another aspect of Gandalf’s familiarity with the Tooks is that he had already met them. Old Took and Belladonna Took were his friends. It was easier for him to approach the other hobbit families, but he had to start with people he trusted and knew.

Other Details Revealed in The Unfinished Stories

A conversation between Thorin and Gandalf is also described in the Book of Lost Tales and The Lord of the Rings. Thorin describes Bilbo as a courageous hobbit with the traits he needs to help him retake Erebor from Smaug following their meeting with Gandalf.

As revealed by Tolkien in his short story The Quest for Erebor Burglar, Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf had met at least twice before The Hobbit took place. Sadly, Bilbo is unaware of these interactions.

Moreover, he makes it clear that Bilbo, though a Took, was like no other. The dwarves, including strangers, spoke to him as he wandered off in search of adventure. As they had to cooperate with both Elves and Men during the journey, this would be essential.

Why Did Gandalf Need a Hobbit for his Adventure?

Why did Gandalf choose Bilbo

The Hobbit Gandalf started securing the northern regions of Middle Earth when he met Thorin, based on the appendices. As the Enemy drew near, he hunkered down. The dwarves had a chance to reclaim Erebor because of Gandalf’s wisdom.

The plan was for Thorin to fight Smaug. Instead of forcing their way in, Gandalf hobbit suggested they sneak in. While dwarves do not smell or see Smaug, he knows their shapes and smells. A stranger with stealth skills was what Thorin needed.

And Bilbo Gandalf had no dwarven scent. Smaug’s familiarity with dwarves was one of Gandalf’s greatest concerns. Rather than being able to break into his mountain hiding place, the dragon sniffed them out first. The vast wealth of the Hobbit Bilbo would not trigger Smaug’s defenses since he was a hobbit.

Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, who embodied all the requirements, was what came to Gandalf’s mind. Hobbits are said to be able to hide by nature. Billo was a standout among his people for more than just his sneaking abilities, as he also possessed courage and an adventurous spirit, traits usually associated with humans.

The Hobbit shows Bilbo’s sneaking ability many times. Thranduil’s elven home as well as Gollum’s made him the only one who wasn’t captured by the trolls. Bilbo was able to travel through Erebor without the One Ring and face the mighty dragon without the Ring.

In order to resolve the growing conflict between Thorin, the Men of Dale, and the folk of Thranduil, Bilbo used his skills to steal the Arkenstone from Thorin.

How Bilbo Baggins Represented the Small and the Good in Middle Earth

Bilbo’s selection for the job feels natural to Gandalf, as he says it multiple times. One day, he realized Bilbo Baggins’s hobbit had the potential to influence the entire Middle-earth for good, and that he was a kind and generous person. Bilbo is more than they can guess, according to Gandalf in the novel. Even Bilbo himself didn’t know everything about him.

Gandalf admits that Bilbo also gives him courage in Peter Jackson’s film adaptations. With Bilbo, Gandalf also found refuge, as he had felt afraid too. The Hobbit and The Lord both feature a running theme. By highlighting how the battle between good and evil was not always determined by the mighty, this theme emphasizes the fact that the fate of the world was not determined by the powerful alone.

A small group of people held the key to the fate of the world. Any hobbit, no matter how lowly, could rise and save the world.

This theme is reflected in Bilbo Baggins. He chose to spare Gollum’s life, for example, and his decision had repercussions that only became apparent during The War of the Ring. The One Ring was cast down Mount Doom by Gollum at the end of Frodo’s journey.

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